RenWeb & ParentsWeb

We use a school management software database program that integrates the administration, classroom and home.

Teachers enter lesson plans, homework and  grades on RenWeb and have the ability to communicate with parents via email.  This program also generates progress reports, report cards and transcripts. We are also using RenWeb for Online Admissions and Online Enrollment.

Parents can secure a password online and use the site at home, work or on a smart phone via RenWeb’s App to see their student’s grades, homework, and email messages to teachers and use the family directory to contact other families.  These are just a few of the many uses of the program and it comes at no charge to the parents.

Please visit to see it for yourself or click here for the mobile version of ParentsWeb.
*Please note that when re-enrolling through RenWeb, you must use a computer. It will not allow you to complete the enrollment process with a phone or tablet.