It’s a fundraiser to help our school and FEED THE NEED in Haiti!

YVCS Family, here’s how you participate in Feed the Need:

  1. Create your own personal fundraiser page by texting YVCS to 71777 or at:

  2. Personally contact your friends and family by call, text, email, or letter with your personal code work or link and ask them to donate to your fundraiser. See your Kick Off Party booklet for a letter template and ideas on how to word your texts and emails!

  3. Follow up with whoever you contact, at least one time. People get busy and they may want to donate but need a little reminder or two.

  4. Complete your Fundraising Affirmation sheet found in your Kick Off Party booklet, affirming you’ve personally asked 30 or more friends and family to make a donation and turn it in at the office (there are more Fundraising Affirmation sheets in the office).

  5. Mark your calendar for the Packing Party on Friday, May 24th at 10:00am and come join us!