YVCS Families,

We’ve been through a lot of changes this summer and school year, and we would love to hear feedback from you! You may complete this anonymously or include your name. Either way, we want to hear what areas we’re doing great in and where you think we could improve. Thank you so much for your willingness and time in completing this!

Thank you,
YVCS faculty, staff, and board


YVCS Family feedback questionnaire:

Our Mission
Do you feel that YVCS does a good job of upholding the Christian faith?
Do you feel your child(ren) and family are well supported by YVCS, both in academic and spiritual areas?
Do you feel YVCS does a good job in educating your child(ren) and encouraging them to achieve their personal best in academic excellence?
Do you feel that YVCS is facilitating students to learn to be servant leaders in their homes, communities, and churches?
Our School Life
Do you feel the move over the summer (Campus Creation) went well?
Overall, are you happy with the way our school year at the new campus is going?
Do you feel that your child(ren)'s teacher(s) went over all the necessary topics and took the time to listen to your comments/concerns during your conference?
Which fundraisers do you enjoy and/or think we should continue to do every year?
Check all that apply
About You
To remain anonymous, leave blank.
How long has your child(ren) attended YVCS?
To keep their names anonymous, leave blank.
Leave blank if you'd prefer not to answer.