20 Days Closer - Devotional #2


“For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you. We continually ask God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives”       ~ Colossians 1:9

In Col. 1:9-14 Paul is praying for the ministry of the Colossians, rejoicing in their salvation, and asking for more strength, endurance, fruit, and wisdom for them. He says since he heard of them, he has continued to pray. I know that families and churches have been coming together to pray for YVCS since they heard about our ministry, and our need. I personally know the power of praying continually. It's like a child urgently tugging on a parent's sleeve - not once or twice, but again and again. We must continue to ask our Father for the endurance that we need in this time!

YVCS is so special to me because I have seen the influence of YVCS's discipleship on many of my young students. One student who struggled with learning challenges and fears of abandonment (which manifested as defensiveness) would likely have slipped through the cracks in a larger environment. At YVCS, I watched her teacher seek her out, teacher her patience, model a loving example and prove to her that she would not be abandoned at our school. A year later, that student told me "You know, Miss Fetterly, I really like myself, because I realized God really likes me." I have consistently been blown away by stories like here since I began working at YVCS last year. I rejoice as Paul did over the salvation stories at YVCS and the way that God’s love has permeated the hearts and minds of the students at our school!

Please continue praying fervently for our incredible school. God has given us this task as families, staff, leadership and students at YVCS. Let's all unite in joy and confidence during these twenty days of prayer! Let's get on our knees, and approach our Good Father! Talk to him in the traffic, at the gym, over family dinner, and anywhere else! This is a good and worthy fight!        

- Ms. Megan Fetterly

Prayer Updates:

  • More options for our new campus arose and final approval of one option should be finalized this coming week.
  • A significant resource has developed this week which has the ability to support YVCS in a very big way.
  • We added two new kindergartners and their families to the YVCS community this week.

Specific Requests:

  • Pray for the elders and decision makers of Fair Oaks Church, 1st Lutheran Church Concord, Clayton Valley Church, Concord Vineyard and 1st Presbyterian Church Concord and any other church God might lead us to.
  • Pray for the school board as we have all taken on an abundance of tasks associated with expediting the moving process.
  • Pray for Tim Tebow’s heart to be moved to be generous with YVCS by donating money and possibly speaking at our upcoming spring dinner on April 21st

Call To Action:

  • Please post a brief testimonial about your experience at YVCS on your social media and add the Go Fund Me link
  • Join the 20 Days Closer Facebook event page & consider commenting about your experience during this campaign