20 Days Closer - Devotional #1


“Surely it is good for me to draw closer to God. I have made the Lord God my refuge and placed my trust in Him, that I may tell of all Your works”

Psalms 73:28

The Psalms do a more effective job of expressing our hearts’ appropriate response to the struggles of life. In a time when our whole school is fighting through difficult news and urgent planning, it is good to recognize that God’s intention in all of this is for all of us to draw closer to Him and each other. When we focus our attention on this truth, the details fade away and we get a unique opportunity to pray and celebrate the victory the only God can bring to impossible situations.

YVCS has consistently been place that not only provides Biblical instruction in matters of faith to students and families. However, the living faith in Jesus doesn’t stop with instruction alone, but YVCS has also been a place where faith is practiced in the context of the school community. This could not be more true of our school as it is today. Through this prayer campaign we have the privilege of joining in on a story of another faith journey in our life of our amazing and unique school as God leads us into a new season on a new campus!

Please join us as we pray together for God’s guidance, God’s provisions and for a miraculous show His love for YVCS as he leads us to our new campus! This is going to be one outstanding story about overcoming the odds and seeing God’s glory here at YVCS!

- Scott Gillespie


Prayer Updates:

- Talks with elders where we are considering moving are going well
- Finances for the move are starting to materialize
- Timing to move this Summer looks promising

Specific Requests:

- Pray for Pastor Jeremy Cook of CBC because he has had the flu for 2 weeks
- Pray for Bob Dyle (head elder), Dan Etna (interim pastor) and Evelyn Kuykendall   (congregational president) as they all are key in the decision-making process of approving our move
- Pray for additional finances, direction and wisdom as the move negotiations continue

Call To Action:

- Please post the invitation to the perspective family preview night on your social media
- Invite two friends to come on Feb 5th to learn about our school