Living a Meaningful Life

A school bell rings and a few straggling students hurry to class.  It is a normal day at a small school in Concord.  But a handful of students are preparing for a very uncommon experience.  One that will not only change their lives but the lives of dozens of people half way around the world. 

Last year, students at Ygnacio Valley Christian School began raising money toward installing a clean water well that would provide water to a tribe in a poor rural community in Ghana. Many of these tribes have no access to clean water and often are plagued by viruses, disease and death related to the uncleanliness of the water they drink. The significance of this problem struck a chord in the hearts of these students, their families and their teachers.

The school began by praying for these African tribes and many of the students, from preschool through junior high, brought in change from home to contribute to this effort. The initial expectation was that the 70-family school would not be able to fund the entirety of the well, but would donate part of what was needed to install it. Shortly after they began the campaign a large donor came forward and donated all of the money needed for the well. As icing on the cake, YVCS was invited by the organization installing the well (Meaningful Life International-Ghana) to send seven parent-student teams to Ghana on a service trip to dedicate this well to the Asiliokorpe tribe.

This life-changing trip is intended to not only change the lives of the tribe members, but it will inevitably also shape the perspective of these seven students who range in age from 5 – 14 years old.  YVCS refers to its middle school program by the name “Servant Leadership Academy” for this very purpose. They hope that by the time students leave their school they will not only be well educated, but that they will also be confident enough to take the lead on addressing desperate needs in our world, like bringing fresh water wells to poor rural tribes in Africa. Hopefully this will be the first of many similar projects that will change our world for the better and prepare these students of the San Francisco East Bay to be leaders in these types of movements.