Back to School Night - all you need to know

Dear YVCS Families,

Reminder that tomorrow night is our previously announced Back to School Night, starts promptly at 6:30pm in the Chapel.  Tomorrow night, you will be given more clarity on what each teacher's plan is for your student(s)' school year, answer any concerns and also dialogue with staff regarding any of the new changes we announced at the New Parent Orientation or the TownHall Meeting for Returning Families.  The new changes are outlined for your convenience on this blogpost (keep reading).

During the 2015-2016 school year, the school's Board of Directors collaborated and published our Statement of Purpose, Values, and Organizational Vision for the 2016-2017 School year.  One of the Organizational Visions was:

Fiscal Stability and Growth- Moving beyond a stable skeleton budget and into intentionally managed/invested excess geared toward improving the health and capability of our school while positioning us for future growth.

One of the ways that we are implementing this vision, at the operational level, is through careful accounting procedures as well as assessing each program for improvement and lowering the cost to our constituents (our families) whenever possible. There is a cost associated with each Field Trip, Lunch and the overall care of your student.  If we have to notify every family, bill, collect or record payments this labor becomes an added cost to you. The more that we can automate any of these services, the lower the cost is to you, and we have found that we can improve service to you as well! Most of these services can be paid by cash, check, via PayNow on ParentsWeb or added to your FACTS account.

Lunch Program: Our new lunch program offers several varieties of menu options each day including gluten free, vegan/vegetarian options and snacks. Students are receiving a wider variety to choose from and healthier options at an affordable price. All of the ordering is done online via ParentsWeb which allows you to place orders from the convenience of your mobile device via the ParentsWeb app (available on the iPhone and Android platforms).  Lunches are ordered one week in advance of service - this allows our provider to purchase bulk orders on the freshest fruits and vegetables as well as work with their local vendors - passing the cost savings onto you. Due to this, lunches are non-refundable if your child is absent.

Check out this link for more information on how to order a hot lunch for your student:  Hot Lunch Program

Before and After School Care: By charging a flat fee we are now able to pass on the savings to you! For example, the following table is based on 1 child receiving 1 month of full-time care.

                    2015 Rate    2016 Rate     Savings

Morning only            $131.25        $95            $36.25

Afternoon only         $288.75        $195            $93.75

Full day care             $420.00        $250            $170.00

To enroll in one of the three new options for Before and After School Care click here

Field Trips- During the 2015-2016 school year, the average amount spent on field trips for grades Kindergarten through 5th grade was approximately $100.00, for 4th grade (due to their overnight trip to 49er Camp) the spend calculated for this year is approximately $125.00. The Servant Leadership Academy Science Camp is included in the price of tuition, meanwhile the teachers have met and have estimated the spend for this school year at $50.00 per SLA student.  The Field Trip fees per student will be due on October 15th and may be payable via cash/check/PayNow or added to your FACTS account.

The collection of the field trip fee will greatly decrease the labor on teachers since they will not be collecting funds for every field trip and finally we have a fixed target for the year, no matter what happens, so you as a parent will not feel the "nickel and dime" collection effect throughout the year for each of your students.

As you can see from the above, our goal as a school is to provide an excellent educational experience for each and every student at an affordable cost to all of our families.  We are also holding ourselves accountable to you in meeting the goal of our vision by being pro-active and implementing improvements that lead to our financial health specially since this greatly benefits all of our families and students.

We look forward to seeing you all at the Back to School Night tomorrow.  The festivities will begin at 6:30pm in the Chapel.