First Day of School - all you need to know

YVCS Families:

First day of school is tomorrow!  The first school bell to allow students to go to their classrooms will ring at 8:20A.M.  Teachers will take attendance at 8:30A.M. then all students will be assembled in the courtyard in front of the flag poles for the pledge of allegiance, welcome announcements and prayer.  All parents & family members are welcome to join us!

Here is a reminder of all you need to know for tomorrow's first day of school to be a success for your student:

1) Before School Care opens at 7:00A.M. - please walk your student(s) to Ministry Rooms 2 & 3.  This a change from last year for returning families so please take note.  As mentioned at the Orientation and Townhall meetings, all students arriving before 8:15A.M. must be signed into the care program by a guardian/parent.  So please do not just drop them off at the entrance to the school unattended.

2) We will have several "First Day of School" (8.5 x 11) signs for parents who wish to take a picture of their student to post on social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).  We greatly encourage all parents to consider participating in this as it is a great way to promote our school.  Here are some ideas for hashtags: #bestyearever #1stdayatyvcs #back2school #yvcsrocks #weloveyvcs

3) Please make sure that your student brings a lunch to school every day for the first week since our Hot Lunch program is not scheduled to begin until Tuesday, September 6th.  We will send a separate reminder with instructions on how to order tomorrow.

4) School day will end at 3:00P.M. - students will be lined up by the entrance to the school in grade order for the convenience of a pick up in your car.  Please make sure you get here in advance as the car pick-up line will most likely back up.  You also have the option to pick up your student, stay to enjoy the playground or sport court after school and fellowship with other families.  Students not picked up by 3:15P.M. are automatically enrolled into our After School Care Program.

The Faculty and Staff at YVCS are all looking forward to making your student(s) First Day of School this 2016-2017 year a success.  For all families of new students, welcome to our community and we hope the first day experience is a great milestone event!