A call to all  YVCS  families to gather together and pray for our school for the next 20 days

Over the next 20 days major decisions and milestones will be crossed by the YVCS leadership paving the way for us to be that much closer to completing our campus move. These are big days for our school and will impact every family at YVCS in one way or another. We need to draw closer together and closer to God in an effort to follow His lead as he guides us into the next season for this school. Will you and your family please take part in this prayer effort and pray together for our school daily for the next 20 days?

What to do

  • Place this flyer or this picture in a prominent place in your home to remind you to pray
  • Gather your family together daily to pray for our school
  • Listen for prayer requests and updates
  • Attend the town hall meeting at the completion of this campaign

What to pray for

  • God’s provision of the right new campus for YVCS
  • God’s supplying of financial resources for all the practical moving needs
  • God’s uniting of our campus to overcome this challenge together

What to expect

During this campaign you will get e-mail updates asking for specific items of prayer and directing to continue praying along certain lines. Stay tuned for updates about the progress toward the move. At the end of the 20 days we will hold an all-school town hall meeting to discuss all of the details and hopefully moving forward on the plans that were laid during this campaign.